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A conversation with Tracy Myers

By ProMax

Join ProMax COO Shane Born and Owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, Tracy Myers as they discuss Tracy's b...

ProMax Master Class on the Virtual Showroom

By ProMax

Having a great Virtual Showroom has never been more important.

In this webinar, ProMax's team of industry experts cover everything you need to know to set up your Virtual Showroom and maximize your customers' online experience.

WEBINAR- Automotive Insights Driving Change

By ProMax

ProMax COO Shane Born and Equifax VP of Automotive Solutions Craig Sims hosted this webinar on industry trends in 2021


Investing in Your Website Data to Invest in Your Vehicles

By Christian Smith

You can leverage your website analytics to improve inventory, get better quality leads, and boost sales. IF you know these 3 key data points to look at.

WEBINAR- Know Your Numbers: 5 Ways to Convert New Customers

By ProMax

ProMax and Dealer Teamwork have partnered to help you convert new customers in this exclusive webinar!

Best Practices for Text Deliverability

By Trista Eckman

Texting is one of the primary methods of dealer communication these days. Is your dealership making the most of it?

WEBINAR- The Virtual Showroom: Maximizing Profits

By ProMax

Our round table of industry experts discuss a variety of ways to maximize your virtual showroom.

WEBINAR- Key Drivers Impacting Retail and Wholesale Vehicle Valuations

By ProMax

7 automotive industry experts discuss everything there is to know about vehicle valuations in today's market.

WEBINAR- The Current Subprime Market: Proven Tips to Soar Not Sink

By ProMax

5 experts provide insights and tips on how to capitalize on special finance opportunities in your area.


7 Steps to Building Your Subprime Business

By Tony Zies

Some dealers are heavily into the subprime space and some are not, but all dealers fall into at leas...

3 Reasons You Need a Call Tracking Solution

By Melissa Sinclair

What is more important? The number of calls you are getting from your advertising or the quality of ...

What is the 'Right' BDC Solution?

By Melissa Sinclair

Ask 10 different dealers for their opinion on automotive business development centers and you will l...

Reaching Millennial car buyers through the digital divide

By ProMax

Millennials accounted for 29% of the car-buying market last year. At the same time, 43 percent of Millennials have a subprime credit score...

Are you a spammer? 7 tips to find the right inbox every time.

By Trista Eckman

Are your business emails ending up in a customer’s junk folder? Worse yet, are customers reporting y...

Podcast: The Role of the BDC in Your Dealership

By Mindy Hennings

Play the long game with your automotive CRM

By Mark Vermeulen

Several years ago, I was riding my motorcycle, and a pickup truck pulled up behind me. I was already...

Podcast: Getting Buy-In with New Automotive Software

By Shane Born


By Mindy Hennings

The five absolute essential practices for car dealers who want to run their own BDC

#5. Establishing a process that works for your dealership

By Mindy Hennings

This is the final in a series of five articles about BDC Best Practices...

#4. Overcoming objections

By Mindy Hennings

This is the fourth in a series of five articles about BDC Best Practices...