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ProMax Core Values Series, Part 5: 1 Team 1 Family 1 Mission

By ProMax

At ProMax, we truly believe that we are on the verge of something profoundly impactful for our dealers and our industry, and we are all in. Together.

ProMax Core Values Series, Part 4: Scrappy

By ProMax

In automotive, you can't be soft. At ProMax, we are a resourceful, battle-tested, do whatever it takes bunch of automotive vets locked-and-loaded to affect change.

ProMax Core Values Series, Part 3: Unencumbered by the "Way We've Always Done Things"

By ProMax

We believe that the "way we've always done things" stifles innovation, growth, and progress. When you believe there is a better way, you begin to embrace the question 'what if?' 

ProMax Core Values Series, Part 2: Innovation Over Everything

By ProMax

At ProMax, we take pride in our willingness to take risks for the sake of growth and improvement. We don't shy away from failure; in fact, we lean into it.

ProMax Core Values Series, Part 1: Dealer Obsessed

By ProMax

At ProMax, everything we do is with an eye towards supporting our dealer partners' success today and tomorrow. And we have the track record to prove it. 20+ years of it.

ProMax Welcomes Joey Little to the Booth at NADA 2023

By ProMax

ProMax is hosting industry mainstay Joey Little at Booth #2219 at NADA 2023 where he will be livestreaming interviews with subject matter experts in attendance

WEBINAR- Women at the Wheel

By Melissa Sinclair

AutoSuccess Magazine 2021 Women at the Wheel honorees Melissa Sinclair and Brittany Hibdon discuss their views on success in the auto industry today.


A conversation with Tracy Myers

By ProMax

Join ProMax COO Shane Born and Owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, Tracy Myers as they discuss Tracy's b...

WEBINAR- Automotive Insights Driving Change

By ProMax

ProMax COO Shane Born and Equifax VP of Automotive Solutions Craig Sims hosted this webinar on industry trends in 2021