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Behind the Wheel with Melissa Sinclair, ProMax VP of Strategic Business Initiatives

By ProMax

An in-depth conversation with ProMax VP of Strategic Business Initiatives Melissa Sinclair on the changing landscape of automotive, the origins of Stack powered by ProMax, and some insight into her own journey to get where she is today.

Boost Your Sales Process with Hyundai Genesis’ Pre-Sold Inventory Tracking in ProMax

By ProMax

Now, within ProMax, you can effortlessly track key details and gain valuable insights into your pre-sold vehicles' journey throughout the sales cycle.

5 Reasons Why ProMax Believes a Rebuild Had to Happen

By ProMax

Surveying the automotive software landscape and seeing outdated systems everywhere, ProMax took the plunge rebuilt its CRM from the ground up; here are 5 reasons why we think it had to happen.

5 Things We Learned from Dealers at NADA 2023

By ProMax

The NADA Show is always a great experience, both for learning and for sharing our vision. This year was no exception, as we debuted our all new Stack platform and talked to dealers about what they're thinking in 2023 and beyond.

Behind the Wheel with ProMax COO Shane Born

By ProMax

An in-depth conversation with ProMax COO Shane Born about what he's learned, what's next for ProMax, the meaning of Futureproofing Automotive, and much more!

ProMax 2022 Year in Review

By ProMax

As we begin 2023, let's look back at the most memorable moments of 2022, and celebrate what we accomplished- together

PRESS RELEASE: ProMax Announces the Release of Their New Stack Platform

By ProMax

ProMax, an award-winning front-end automotive dealer software company, is releasing its all-new Stack powered by ProMax platform in advance of the annual NADA Convention & Expo.

5 Reasons Why (Re)building a CRM is So Damn Difficult

By Julian Johnston

The car buying experience has changed a lot in the last 5-10 years, but Automotive CRM software has not. Why has there been so little innovation in this category, and where is it headed in the future?

WEBINAR- CRM Begins and Continues With Leadership

By ProMax

ProMax and NIADA are proud to present "CRM Begins and Continues With Leadership", a free webinar hosted by ProMax COO Shane Born.

Introducing Stack powered by ProMax at NIADA 2022

By ProMax

The best platform for independents just got better!

Come see the new ProMax at NIADA June 20-23 in Las Vegas at Booth #131

The Future is Here- Time to Xperience It!

By ProMax

ProMax debuted Xperience, automotive's next core platform, at NADA 2022, inviting dealers to Xperience the future.

ProMax at NADA 2022- the Future is Here!

By ProMax

ProMax is unveiling automotive's next core platform at NADA 2022 in Las Vegas March 11-13 and you don't want to miss it!

WEBINAR- AI and the Future of Your Dealership

By ProMax

ProMax COO Shane Born and SpinCar CEO Devin Daly discuss the past, present, and future of AI in auto dealerships

Introducing Stack powered by ProMax!

By ProMax

Stack's award-winning software powered by the most comprehensive database in automotive gives your dealership everything it needs to succeed, all in one solution!

WEBINAR VIDEO- Getting the most from your GM integration

By ProMax

Learn everything you need to know about your GM integration from our panel of experts.

Best Practices for Text Deliverability

By Trista Eckman

Texting is one of the primary methods of dealer communication these days. Is your dealership making the most of it?