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January 16, 2023 By ProMax

Futureproofing Automotive

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As we look ahead in 2023 and beyond, we are thrilled to share some key elements of our brand story with the world. At the forefront of our story is our new tagline: "futureproofing automotive."

We believe that futureproofing automotive is much more than just a tagline, it serves as a call to action for everyone at ProMax. Over the past year—as we navigated the monumental task of building a new platform—this motto helped keep us focused and motivated, especially when things got tough. It gave us something larger to strive for, something bigger than ourselves, and it helped remind us of our 'why'.

The automotive industry is at a critical juncture; customer expectations are changing faster than ever when it comes to retail experiences and in the automotive space, those expectations have been largely unmet leaving many customers wanting more and looking for alternatives to vehicle purchase.

As the momentum for alternative options in the automotive industry grows, customers now have a wider range of choices than ever before. These new competitors present a challenge for dealerships, as they’ve never had to deal with this type of competition before. Despite the difficulties that alternative options have faced in establishing and maintaining success, we believe that the emergence of these new choices will not stop. Competition in the market will always be on the rise, and it is important for dealerships to find ways to meet customer expectations and stay competitive.

Meanwhile, automotive vendors have kept their focus on maintaining the status quo, rather than helping their dealers navigate and thrive in the future.

We understand that the gap between customer expectations and the reality of buying a vehicle can be challenging, but one of the key factors often hindering dealers’ ability to meet these expectations is their technology solutions—particularly the CRM.

While we don’t believe that any one company or individual will come in and render dealers obsolete, we recognize the importance of taking proactive steps to ensure that never happens. That’s why at ProMax, we are dedicating our expertise, resources, and efforts to being a partner that helps futureproof the dealership and the industry. These efforts started in 2022 with us building a new platform from the ground up, which will help dealerships meet the changing needs of customers and stay competitive in today’s and tomorrow’s market.

Kepp an eye out for the hashtag #FutureProofing Automotive

Over the coming months, we will continue to share our core values and details of the new Stack platform that will enable ProMax to lead the movement, and we invite you to join us on this mission, for the sake of the industry at large.


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