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March 3, 2022 By ProMax

ProMax at NADA 2022- the Future is Here!


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Today’s customer demands a transparent, convenient, and personalized experience on their own terms. That’s hard to deliver with traditional dealership systems:

  • Many systems lead to a fragmented view of the customer
  • Many tools that don’t integrate with one another create friction within the customer journey
  • Employees are disengaged and burnt out from having meaningless conversations with customers


With these problems in mind, ProMax rebuilt its platform from the ground up, and the secret sauce that makes the Xperience CXM platform so valuable to your dealership is not one thing, but two…

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With these two things combined, today’s critical needs can be met:

  • A holistic customer view that is one source of truth across the entire dealership
  • A unified solution that manages the customer journey seamlessly, resulting in a better customer experience
  • Employees that stay motivated knowing they have a clear path to effective customer outreach

Not only is this a new product, CXM is a new category ProMax is introducing to the industry. Automotive’s newest core platform your dealership needs will be revealed at NADA – you don’t want to miss this!

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