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February 20, 2018 By Mindy Hennings

BDC Best Practice #5: Establishing a process that works for your dealership

This is the fifith and final in a series of five articles about BDC Best Practices. Setting up a BDC can either drive more traffic into your dealership or drain your time and resources. If you are planning to set up a BDC or already have one in place, you will need to make sure you have the following best practice in place. 


Best Practice #5: Establishing a process that works for your dealership.

The last key component to a successful BDC is a good process that is both implemented and followed, but don’t argue about the semantics of which process works best. These are just philosophical debates.

It’s more important to establish a process, then tweak it as necessary at your dealership.

Our BDC uses a call cadence that goes on for 14 days for prime customers and seven days for non-prime customers. This campaign also includes emails and texts messages. We believe that it’s important to contact subprime customers immediately and daily while this same call cadence would upset prime customers. The number of calls to prime customers is the same, but the calls are dragged out over a longer period of time.

Scripts for your automotive BDC call center service

For emails and texts, we use a combination of templates and unique responses because it’s important to be both efficient and personal. Make sure when sending out your first email to customers, you answer any questions they have asked of you. For non-responsive customers, use automated emails.  

Lastly, if you have made contact with customers, put a stop to their automated emails. You don’t want to have automated emails sent out asking customers to contact you if you have already had a conversation with them!

If you are using ProMax as your CRM, please contact Mindy Hennings at, and I will gladly copy in the Statuses, Email Templates, Text Snippets, and Automated Follow Up into your ProMax system.

Below is our BDC process for a subprime customer:

Day 1 – Email, Call, Text

Day 2 – Email, Call, Text

Day 3 – Call

Day 4 – Email, Call, Text

Day 5 – Email, Call

Day 6 – Email, Call

Day 7 – Email, Call, Text

Below is our BDC process for a prime customer:

Day 1 – Email, Call, Text

Day 2 – Email, Call, Text

Day 3 – Call

Day 4 – Email

Day 5 – Call

Day 7 – Call, Text

Day 10 – Email, Call, Text

Day 14 – Email, Call, Text

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