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April 10, 2020 By Melissa Sinclair

3 Reasons You Need a Call Tracking Solution

What is more important? The number of calls you are getting from your advertising or the quality of the conversations being had with your customers? The great news is, with today’s call tracking technology, you don’t have to choose one over the other. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence provide us with broader insights into every call, with real time reporting and analytics to help measure both the effectiveness of your advertising and your employee performance.

There are three key reasons to track both your inbound and outbound sales calls:

1 - Understand what advertising is driving your business

You wouldn’t want to make important decisions without all of the relevant information, would you? If your CRM only provides you with reporting that shows lead activity from your internet leads and showroom traffic, you’re only getting part of the picture. Studies show that even with the popularity of using online resources, consumers will still make a large amount of contact using the phone. Specifically, because of the ease of use when simply clicking a phone number on a website from their smartphone. When trying to determine the ROI from any advertising source, you must make sure you are getting an accurate picture that includes the number of calls you are getting from each individual vendor. 

2 - Evaluate the quality of the conversations by your staff

It’s been proven time and time again that when a person is aware that they are being observed, their performance will improve. This is also true in terms of handling sales calls. And the results of calls are equally as important as the quantity of calls being placed. Having the ability to listen to calls at any time gives you the insight to know how well each call is being handled, to see who is engaged and who is not, and pinpoint areas of improvement that will make your coaching and accountability meetings more effective.

Using automated features like Transcription Search, Keyword Tracking, and Missed Opportunity Alerts will save both time and effort for managers, keeping them informed and allowing them to focus on the development of employee performance to ensure you are maximizing the opportunity on every call.

3 – Measure productivity and accountability

Do you have any idea how many outbound calls your sales staff is making? And I mean how many calls they are actually making…  Even when activity benchmarks are clear, the only way to truly make sure these daily, weekly, and monthly KPIs are being met is to have a solution that tracks the activity for you. If you are uncertain that tasks are being completed, you surely are going to have customers that fall through the cracks and your number of lost opportunities will continue to increase.

It is important to hold staff accountable if they are not meeting the desired KPIs expected to make your business successful. Plainly said, outbound call tracking will help keep your sales team focused and performing at high levels.


The most valuable commodity a dealership has is its customers. A mishandled call could cost you the sale, resulting in thousands of dollars lost. When using a strong call tracking solution, you can stop wasting money on ineffective advertising and start ensuring calls are handled the right way, all of the time.

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Melissa Sinclair

Melissa Sinclair is VP of Strategic Business Initiatives at ProMax. She can be reached at

Melissa Sinclair is VP of Strategic Business Initiatives at ProMax. Email her at

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